Cartoonist Charles King sketches students

Ms. Stephanie King brings famous cartoonist father to campus


Charles King, a famous cartoonist, visited the school October 23-24 to draw each student a portrait. King is the father of the Current Events teacher, Ms. Stephanie King, and has been drawing cartoons for 45 years.

In his career, King has sketched a variety of famous people and recommends the profession to inspiring artists.

“I would definitely recommend being a cartoonist. It’s a really easy job,” King said. “My best memory is meeting the two presidents, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, and I enjoyed meeting them.”

When it comes to drawing, all King ever really needs is a paper and a Sharpie. While in his drawing mentality, he can do up to 40-60 drawings in one hour without using colors, in which he confirms it as a reason to why he does not use it.

“I never put color in my drawings, because I work as an entertainer for exhibitions for trade shows around the country,” King said.

However, it is the reaction from his subjects that keeps King in the industry.

“As long as people laugh and enjoy what I do,” King said, “I’ll keep doing it.”