Authors visit campus ahead of Ya'll Fest

Inspiring writers get advice from published authors
Students meet authors Daniel Arnold and Stephanie GarberBY RACHEL HEYWARD & THEORY SUMMERS

In anticipation of Ya’ll Fest, a local writing festival held over the weekend, two authors visited the campus on Nov. 9 to speak to students about their writing careers.

David Arnold, author of The Strange Facinations of Noah Hypnotik and Mosquitoland, Kids of Appetite, first began writing after the birth of his son. Originally a musician, Arnold never thought that he would become a writer. However, he quickly learned that it was an effective creative outlet for him.

‘‘I realized I loved writing more than I ever loved music,” Arnold said.

Likewise, Stephanie Garber, author of the fantasy novel, Caraval, was not satisfied in her original job and found writing as a better means to happiness.

“I started writing my first draft, fell in love and decided this is something to do,” Garber said.

Both authors shared with students their personal challenges with the industry. The publication process, both agreed, could be challenging, especially the amount of time it could take to see your work appear on paper.

The added challenge of “writer’s block” makes this particular career choice difficult.

Garber discussed taking long walks and a lot of rewriting as a means to combat these moments.

Arnold stressed the importance of failure and how it could eventually lead to a rewarding writing career. He encouraged students to keep building their talents, even when it is hard.

“You have to give yourself permission to suck,” Arnold said.