Sophomores excelling in Trident Classes

Seventy-one percent dual credit students receive A or B
Sophomore Johnathan Baker checks his assignments in his dual credit class

BY: RACHEL HEYWARD The class of 2021 started their first college dual credit course for the 2018-2019 school year with a bang. Seventy-one percent of the students earned either an A or B in their classes at Trident Tech.

Through the first semester, the sophomores were challenged by the fast course pace of their college classes and strategies for managing their time.

Sophomore William Lupton had trouble adapting to how the classes were run at first because it was different from his normal classes. However, after a couple of class meetings, he adjusted to the teachers.

After we knew how to understand their teaching style,” Lupton said, “I was getting good grades and I felt good.”

Similarly, sophomore Jonathan Baker found it hard to complete his work on time because the workload was often more rigorous.

Students had to come up with their own strategies for success, given the additional work that their professor assigned.

“I pick out key details from the reading to make it easier on myself, so that it will take less time,” Baker said.

Sophomore John McKinley-Ward faced the problem of trying to recall the information that was given to him from the previous lessons. However, he overcame this problem by studying the notes and looking over the PowerPoints.

‘‘The class made me feel like I was actually a college student,’’ McKinley-Ward said. “It was a very eye-opening experience, and I can't wait to experience more in the future.’’