First school dance gets glowing reviews

The neon-themed event brings the school together

BY JAMES CARTER The school held its first fall school dance of the year at Sanders Clyde Elementary School with a neon theme. Teachers and students came out to have fun and support the school.

Data clerk Ms. Tanesha Simmons, who was the co-organizer of the dance along with English teacher Ms. Tara Pinckney, explained that getting everything in place for the event was not necessarily difficult. However, it did have its downsides.

“Yes, organizing the dance was pretty easy,” Ms. Simmons said. “For improvements, next time we should change the lighting, and we have to get out permission slips on time for guests to attend.”

Sophomore Stanford Summers also attended the dance and enjoyed the neon theme.

“The dance had a lot of great things about it to be honest, but the best thing to me would most likely be the atmosphere of it all,” Summers said. “The neon was a great idea and was done pretty well.”

As a sophomore, Summers believed it to be important for students to attend school events such as this one.

“Unless you are completely fine with the excess amount of dancing, I wouldn't recommend going,’’ Summers said, “but that being expected, I would still recommend going to get some good memories while you can.“