Natural Hair Club encourages students to love their locks

Started by English teacher Ms.Tara Pinckney, Natural Hair Club teaches people how to enjoy the hair that they were born with.

Natural Hair Club is a good place to learn about the perks about having healthy hair. Freshman Shane’ Washington agreed, finding the club to be beneficial for  teaching her new things that she did not understand before.

“This club taught me the do’s and the don'ts for hair. For example, flat ironing can cause heat damage to your hair,” Washington said. “I learned a lot about how to take care of my hair more effectively by being in this club.”

This club discussed the appropriate hair products to use and the techniques that are harmful.

“I like when we learn how to do the different kind of hairstyles, like braids,” freshman Jay-Lynn Cantwell said. “It teaches me the things I want to learn but never had the time to.”

Ms.Tara Pinckney gained just as much information from the students as they did from her.

“I love the different styles that Natural Hair can be put in because some people despise their natural hair, and I wanted people to embrace this,” Ms. Pinckney said. “I’m learning from them, so I know the students are learning for each other as well. Plus when they go to college, they can use this so the can get side money.”