Diversity Club promotes individuality

Club members celebrate each other's differences

BY JADA WASHINGTON The school’s Diversity Club promotes cultural awareness and gives support to students and staff on multicultural issues on campus and in the community. Lead by English teacher Ms. Brandi VanGorder, the group of 15 girls takes a stand against prejudice and hatred. “I hope that the girls will take what they learn in our club and promote it in their community,” Ms. VanGorder said. “I want them to understand the importance of promoting kindness and tolerance within their friend and family circles.”

Freshman Aneesa Larkins thinks that the purpose of the Diversity Club is to make sure people feel welcomed in the school. The club hopes to remind students that being different does not make them a wrong person nor should they ever feel like they are being judged. Larkins thinks the most essential meaning of the Diversity Club is to treat people with kindness.
“My favorite thing was doing the ‘Kindness Rocks’ because it was fun and people didn't know it was us,” Larkins said. “We could help people and make them feel good about themselves without taking credit for it.”
Similarly, freshman Katrina James thinks the primary focus of the Diversity Club is to learn about different cultures, how they celebrate and how everyone is unique.  

“I have learned to be who you are and be different even if it means that you have to cut people off,” James said. “It’s okay to be different.”